BitDefender error

Dimitri Yioulos dyioulos at
Thu Jun 16 14:41:43 IST 2011


We're provisioning a new mail server and are, of course, going to 
use MailScanner.  Along with the latest version of MS, we've also 
installed the latest Sendmail, SA, ClamAV, and Sophos, 
BitDefender-Console-Antivirus-7.1-3, and Mailwatch 1.4, on a 
CentOS 5.6 box.  Thus far, everything has gone well and, under 
test conditions, almost everything works just fine.  I do get 
this error, though, when running "MailScanner --lint":

/usr/lib/MailScanner/bitdefender-wrapper: line 63: 13099 
Segmentation fault      ${PackageDir}/$prog --log=$LogFile 
$extras "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1

This error did not occur on the initial installation of 
BitDefender, but began after the first update of the signature 
files.  (We're using BitDefender on our production system, set up 
almost exactly the same as described above, without problem).

I realize that we could let BitDefender go, but another layer of 
defense can't be bad, so we're trying to hang on to it.  Has 
anybody run into this problem and/or can offer a solution?



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