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> Fabulous idea, would make a good Ironport replacement.

> Will the code be released publically?

> Cheers,

> Phil

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> Hello all,

> I have been tasked with writing a custom function to integrate
> MailScanner with ZendTo and looking for a little bit of help with
> anybody who knows the MailScanner internals. I thought about using
> something like "Always Looked Up Last" though that is called whether
> the message is deleted or not. Therefore I believe it will have to
> be a complete new option with MailScanner but wondering at what
> point the attachment should be stripped and replaced with the ZendTo
> URL and key. I guess after virii scanning would be the most obvious
> so would like to ask which piece of code would be best to start
> looking at please to inject a new function ?

Hi Phil,

I am of the understanding that the code will be contributed back to the community; like all good code :)
Thanks, Phil

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