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I figured it out.   I did not need the extra forward statement
For example within MailScanner:
Non-Spam Actions using a ruleset:
     To: jdoe at domain.tld  deliver  forward User1 at domain.tld  User2 at domain.tld
     To: jdoe at domain.tld  forward  User1 at domain.tld  User2 at domain.tld

>>> On 6/8/2011 at 2:51 PM, "Scott B. Anderson" <sbanderson at> wrote:

This is an MTA question, so it is off topic for the list, but if you are using sendmail, then  use  /etc/mail/aliases (or wherever your distribution places it)  

Username: username at domain.tld, username2 at domain.tld, username3 at domain.tld

Then save and run newaliases.  

I'm sure someone else will reply with the answer for postfix, but my guess would be to replace your second 'forward' with a comma. 


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I need a rule that will forward email to a given account to multiple accounts as shown below.

To: jdoe at domain.tld    forward User1 at domain.tld ( mailto:User1 at domain.tld )   forward User2 at domain.tld

The syntax does work for User1, but not User2.

Any suggestions on how to make this work for the second user account?


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