AW: Broken MailScanner after Systemupdate

Stuart Henderson stu at
Fri Jun 3 17:02:03 IST 2011

You could get rid of the -U stuff and try starting MailScanner directly
as the "run as user", for example "sudo -u postfix check_mailscanner"

On 2011-06-03, Marco Rebsamen <mrebsamen at> wrote:
> Excuse me that I pick on this but I have a not-working system and it's
> getting annoying with all that spam.
> I've added the -U option as mentioned but this didn't completely fix the
> problem. The messages still stay in the queue. If I start MailScanner in
> debug mode they seem to be processed but I get a lot of those
> "Insecure..." messages though.=20

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