Betr.: Re: Broken MailScanner after Systemupdate

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Wed Jun 1 15:14:07 IST 2011

>>> Op 1-6-2011 om 15:18 is door John Wilcock <john at>
> Le 01/06/2011 14:55, Martin Hepworth a écrit :

> Hmm, that was almost a month ago. Where is Julian when we need him?
> John.

He's probably out trying to hunt down the people who made the decision
to change perl in such a way that it is causing these errors in MS.

But back on topic, I'm guessing this is the same problem as I was
seeing on Fedora 15.

[root at Linux ~]# head /usr/sbin/MailScanner
#!/usr/bin/perl -U -I/usr/lib/MailScanner

Adding -U to the top of the MailScanner program file 'fixes' it but
there might be some residual errors where MS does not exit properly. But
it'll work.
In case you run into more problem, the main cause of further problems
for FC15 was the perl-MIME-tools package, I need to keep that downgraded
to the version that comes with MS or even the -U will not keep the
program running.


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