Sophos on Solaris/Sparc - V4 or V7?

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at
Wed Jun 1 10:41:05 IST 2011

Hi all,

Been out of the loop here for a long time but haven't seen much about
Sophos in my archive.

We've been using MailScanner for a loooong time on Solaris/Sparc boxes.
We've stuck to using version 4 on the "if it ain't broke" principle,
doing the manual engine update every month or two. We kind of shied away
from using the newer versions maintained by Enterprise Manager which
update automagically, just in case something went wrong and wasn't
spotted. There doesn't seem to be any mention on the Sophos site of
support for this version ending any time soon but my guess is it won't
go on for ever...

Wondering whether the users of Sophos with MailScanner on this platform
are still using V4 like us or have moved to V7 and whether any of the
latter (if there are any) have noticed any issues?

Thanks & Regards,


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