Antiword errors causing Attachment too small

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Wed Jul 13 17:08:35 IST 2011

Can you try this?

Edit /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/
You should find line 194 says
   return 0 unless -f "$dir/$unpackfile" && -s "$dir/$unpackfile";
Move that line up a couple of lines, so it is just before the line
and then restart MailScanner.

Does that help?

On 13/07/2011 16:29, Alessandro Bianchi wrote:
> Il 13/07/2011 17:19, Mark Sapiro ha scritto:
>> On 7/13/2011 12:33 AM, Alessandro Bianchi wrote:
>>> I'm using MS 4.83-5 and antiword 0.37
>> Which is essentially the same as I have. As far as I can see there is no
>> difference between 4.83-5 and 4.84-1 that would affect this.
> i agree!
>>> The errors I see are of two different kinds.
>>> While in any case the attach is seen with MIME application/msword
>>> antiword either says "yourfile.doc is not a Word Document" or it says
>>> "YOURFILE.DOC is not a Word Document. It is probably a Rich Text Format
>>> file YOURFILE.DOC is not a Word Document." and in both cases this leads
>>> MS to a "zero size attach" that causes removal of *any* attachment from
>>> the mail message and not only the offending one.
>> I am not seeing this.
>>> Obiovusly this is untrue since this *is* a word document and if I
>>> download it direcly from the blocked message and open it in LibreOffice
>>> it opens perfectly as a word document format, and the same happens if i
>>> forward it to a user using a non protected acoount and he opens it using
>>> MS Word.
>>> Funny enougth I tried the file command aganinst two of the offending
>>> attachment causing the "zero size", and this is surprising:
>>> First file:
>>> file yourfile.doc - : OpenDocument Text Zip archive data (so this is
>>> most likely an OpenOffice document saved with the .doc extension or
>>> conversion) In this case antiword may be right not to embed the text but
>>> what is the reason fro removing every attachment from the message?
>> Or it is a MS-Word .docx file named as .doc.  I don't see what you see
>> in this case. If I have such a document and manually run antiword on it,
>> antiword says "xxx.doc is not a Word Document." and returns exit status
>> 1. If I attach the file to an email and send it through MailScanner,
>> MailScanner does not alter the original attachment.
>> What is your setting for 'Antiword' in MailScanner.conf or
>> MailScanner/conf.d/*? Is it different from the default
>> Antiword = /usr/bin/antiword -f
>> If not, I don't know why this doesn't work for you as it does for me.
>> Maybe it's a perl module difference?
>> [...]
>>> The only solution I found so far is to disable the antiword conversion
>>> at all, but I'd like to find a fix since my users love this feature
> Hi
> My settings are as follows:
> Antiword = /usr/bin/antiword -f
> Antiword Timeout = 50
> The error doesn't happen all the times and on every document, but only 
> with some documents.
> Unfortunately while earlier we had very few of those damned errors, in 
> tha last weeks they have increased so much to force me to disable the 
> feature.
> It happens about 4 times every 10 documents, and the users get very 
> annoyed about that ...
> I've supposed that it may be related to the specific application 
> generating the doc, but this is just a guess ...
> Thank you
> Alessandro Bianchi
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