Installing outbound SMTP server on CentOS

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Sat Jul 2 07:19:52 IST 2011

Use Watermarking does need to be set to yes. As long as the actions are set to nothing then the header will just be added.


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> Subject: Installing outbound SMTP server on CentOS
> I'm setting up an outbound server so I have a single egress point from our
> internal network.  I'll be running MailScanner on it primarily so that I can set
> the watermarking feature to help control joe-job blowback.  I have three
> existing inbound gateways that aren't currently using watermarking.  I
> thought I'd post here for a quick reality check before shooting myself in the
> foot.
> My plan is is to assign all four hosts (one outbound, and three inbound) the
> same watermark per the comments in MailScanner.conf, but leave the line
>  "Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam	nothing"
> set to nothing initially so that I can do a bit of testing and watching before
> going live.
> The current settings are:
>  Use Watermarking	no
>  Add Watermark	yes
>  Check Watermarks With No Sender	yes
>  Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam	nothing
>  Check Watermarks To Skip Spam Checks	yes
>  Watermark Secret	<some secret string>
>  Watermark Lifetime	604800
>  Watermark Header	X-CBJ-MailScanner-Watermark:
> When I send a message via one of the gateways I'm not seeing the X-CBJ-
> MailScanner-Watermark:.  Do I need to set "Use Watermrking" to yes first?  I
> would think, given the settings, that the watermark header would be added
> but ignored.  If I go ahead and turn on watermarking but leave the invalid
> watermark line set to "nothing" will that turn everything on but not actually
> affect the outcome of the process?  (Sort of like the "~all" parameter in
> SPF.)
> Thanks...
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