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I assume that you mean that you don’t want Mailscanner to scan for anything except viruses. If so, you need to setup rulesets in Mailscanner.conf for:

	Use Spamassassin =
	Dangerous Content Scanning =
	Filename Rules =
	Filetype Rules =

That exempt messages originating from the  IP of the mail hub from using these tests.

I believe the Mailscanner List Archives has more specific instructions.

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On Jan 27, 2011, at 3:59 PM, Rob Poe wrote:

> One of my users has a Sprint cell phone, and sends messages by authenticating (SMTP/POP) to our corporate messaging.
> He sends out an email to someone outside the org, and SpamAssassin is catching it and scoring it because it's on the BRBL (the Sprint IP pool) and that's in the header.
> I'd rather NOT scan any email that comes from my trusted MTA (the corporate messaging system).
> How would I accomplish that (i.e. whitelist any email from a certain MTA ip).
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