OT Trends of 64 bit

Peter Ong peter.ong at hypermediasystems.com
Tue Jan 25 18:20:12 GMT 2011

> Is the trend for mail servers typically moving toward the 64 bit 
> versions of Linux (or other OSs)? Are any using a 64 bit OS with MS
> and 
> Clam?
> I'd just like to hear your issues since I might be getting some new 
> servers this year.

Sounds like an anthropological question with a calculus twist. If you look at Zimbra's site, it shows their 32-bit offerings are being phased out.

If you have 32-bit systems and are thinking of upgrading, go with 64-bit on the destination platform. If you are going to buy new systems, make sure they're 64-bit. And now is the time to start thinking about migrating into 64. I know that Zimbra's open-source offering doesn't have a clean way of doing this so we're kind of in trouble. That's my anthropological take.

>From a calculus pov, well, the technology is definitely trending towards 64.


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