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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Jan 21 13:49:01 GMT 2011

We are very pleased to announce the release of BarricadeMX Plus version 2.1.

BarricadeMX Plus combines our very efficient and accurate SMTP filtering
application, BarricadeMX with MailScanner and an advanced yet easy to
navigate web interface.

Key features of the web interface:

    * Three levels of authentication (Super Administrator, Domain
      Administrator and
      User) allow you to grant access to different administrative duties
      to different users.
    * Extensive configuration on a per-domain basis allows each domain
      to have different rules without affecting other domains.
    * Simple end-user interface to allow mailbox owners to classify and
      retrieve mail from quarantine and manage white/black lists.
    * Can authenticate users using your existing infrastructure allowing
      users to login with their existing credentials against POP3, IMAP,
      SMTP or Active Directory services.
    * Extensive reporting and real-time statistics.

Key features of the engine:

    * High concurrency with denial-of-service protection.
    * Numerous anti-spam tests cleverly ordered to reject messages
      safely and as early as possible providing maximum efficiency.
    * Click Auto Whitelisting.  Any SMTP rejection is sent with a
      clickable link allowing senders to whitelist themselves.
    * Outbound message watermarking.  Eliminates backscatter and allows
      message replies to be automatically whitelisted.

BarricadeMX Plus is designed to be extensible. It can easily scale from 
a single gateway to very large sites.  From scanning for a single domain 
to scanning tens of thousands of domains, we have a solution that will 
fit your needs and your budget.

You can test drive the software on our new demo system, download a 30 
day trial or we can install and configure a test system for you.  Simply <>for details.

Steve Swaney
CEO Fort Systems Ltd
steve at <mailto:steve at> <>
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