SQL Spam Action Rule CustomFuction?

Paul Tenfjord paul at tenfjord.net
Thu Jan 6 08:58:23 GMT 2011

Hello mailinglist!

I'm configuring a couple of new MailScanner servers and I'm using
SQLBlackWhiteList.pm to call SQLWhitelist and SQLBlacklist and
MailWatch.pm to call &MailWatchLogging. 

I was wondering if anybody created a script for Spam Action Rules? 

I've been trying myself, but I found the CustomFuctions a bit to
difficult for my programming skills. Some of my domains use "store",
some "tag" and others "forward spamtrap at mydomaincom". 

I could of course share the script I tried to make, but I really don't
think anyone would benefit from it :-)
Right now I'm using a perl script to update the spam.action.rules file
from SQL (I'd be happy to share the script if anyone interested).

I also would like to ask for suggestions on how to best handle
mailscanners quarantine folder when operating with two servers. I would
like to use a common quarantine area, so that releasing would be easier.
I could mount using sshfs, but if my main server crash then that folder
would get unaccessible. Maybe rsync would be a better choice? Any ideas
regarding this would be highly appreciable. 

Thanks to Julian and all contributers for a amazing product!

Kind Regard Paul

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