Mailscanner + Exim >= 4.73

Jonas jonas at
Fri Feb 18 17:33:56 GMT 2011

> As I understand it, the idea is to use a "shim" exim config file that sets your
> macro, and then includes the main exim config file.
> So, in you MailScanner.conf file, instead of having:
> Sendmail2 = /usr/sbin/exim4 -DOUTGOING
> You can have something like this:
> Sendmail2 = /usr/sbin/exim4 -c /etc/exim4/exim.outgoing.conf
> Then, you have to add this new "shim" configuration file into your exim
> trusted_configs file.
> # cat /etc/exim4/trusted_configs
> /etc/exim4/exim.outgoing.conf
> And finally, in your exim4.outgoing.conf file, you should define your macro and
> then include the standard exim config file.  For Debian, it might look something
> like this:
> # cat /etc/exim4/exim.outgoing.conf
> .include /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated
> This way, you're still only modifying the one main exim4 configuration file for
> all of your needs.  I've done it this way (I even use a different macro name),
> and it works with the patched exim4 in Lenny.
> And I expect it to work as is in Squeeze.
> Jase

Hey Jasse

That sounds like a pretty straight forward description to test.

I will be upgrading my 2 mailscanners to squeeze within the next couple of weeks and will try to change to the new method you describe at the same time.

I'll be sure to report back if it works or not.

Also once a couple of us have their systems working this way, and its confirmed it works issue free, somebody should update the wiki.

Thanks so far for your insight :-)

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