Mailscanner + Exim >= 4.73

George B. list1 at
Fri Feb 18 13:43:58 GMT 2011

On 18/02/11 12:30, Jonas wrote:
> I'm not sure I have any pointers yet, I'm still on Debian Lenny and its patched exim 4.69.
> I will face the same issues your describing soon so I'm also interested in what might be the smoothest solution.

Hi Jonas,

I think moving from Lenny to Squeeze is OK - my split queue system still 
continues to work (I only saw the error because my patched 
/etc/cron.daily/exim4-base script mails it to me every day).

Looking at the docs it seems Debian package managers took good care of 
us yet again and specifically whitelisted "OUTGOING". From 
   If exim is invoked with the -C or -D option the daemon will not regain
   root privileges though re-execution. This is usually necessary for local
   delivery, though. Therefore it is generally not possible anymore to 
run an
   exim daemon with -D or -C options.

   However this version of exim has been built with
   TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIST=/etc/exim4/trusted_configs. TRUSTED_CONFIG_LIST
   defines a list of configuration files which are trusted; if a config file
   is owned by root and matches a pathname in the list, then it may be
   invoked by the Exim build-time user without Exim relinquishing root

   As a hotfix to not break existing installations of mailscanner we have
   also set WHITELIST_D_MACROS=OUTGOING. i.e. it is still possible to start
   exim with -DOUTGOING while being able to do local deliveries.

   If you previously were using -D switches you will need to change your
   setup to use a separate configuration file. The ".include" mechanism
   makes this easy.

Best regards,


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