email folder is getting corrupted after Mailscan check

Michael H. Martel martelm at
Thu Feb 17 12:15:34 GMT 2011

--On February 17, 2011 10:03:32 AM -0200 Luis Marcelo Achite 
<lmachite at> wrote:

> Something strange is happening here. An email folder from one of my users
> is getting corrupted after a mailscanner scan. I can see from the
> sendmail log the following:

I'm no expert, but my gut tells me it's not mailscanner, but your local 
delivery agent.  Are you or this user using procmail to filter mail in to 
folders ?  If so, is the rule for that folder correct and using locking ?

If you're not using procmail for delivery then you can ignore this.  Though 
it might be helpfull to know what version of *nix you're running and what 
version of MailScanner (MailScanner -v should give a good bit of info).

hope this helps somewhat!



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