SA OT, sorry!

Ken A ka at
Wed Feb 9 14:37:56 GMT 2011

It checks all received headers, so look for things like 223/8, although 
that was allocated recently. I set score "RCVD_ILLEGAL_IP 0" a long time 
ago, since some networks have previously used these unallocated or 
reserved IPs internally, instead of rfc 1918 space.


On 2/9/2011 8:13 AM, Richard Mealing wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry this is OT, but does anyone know why all of BT's IP address are coming up with this in SA?
> IP for BT is: or one of them. I've seen this with so many BT IP addresses now. Does anyone else see this?
> Thanks,
> Richard Mealing

Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet -

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