Kaspersky 8.0.0 for File Servers

Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at aafp.org
Mon Feb 7 17:07:01 GMT 2011

Has anyone implemented version 8.0.0 or newer on Linux / MailScanner and 
care to share the -wrapper for it.

file: kav4fs-8.0.0-136.i386.rpm

Kaspersky's new version is *very* different and it is not a simple drop 
in replacement of the Kaspersky 5.5 and earlier versions.

Example command to scan the /tmp directory:

./kav4fs-control --action Skip --scan-file /tmp
Objects scanned:     65
Threats found:       0
Riskware found:      0
Infected:            0
Suspicious:          0
Cured:               0
Moved to quarantine: 0
Removed:             0
Not cured:           0
Scan errors:         0
Password protected:  0
Corrupted:           0


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