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Fri Feb 4 07:39:13 GMT 2011

Hi David,

If you are using postfix, a rule with something like:

smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/check_sender_access ...

Where /etc/postfix/check_sender_access contains

.XX       5NN We do not accept mails from the tld .XX
default   OK

I have not tested this, but I guess something along this could achieve what you want! (If you really want it ...)

Just because the sender address has some tld does not mean the mail originates from that country! 


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I have mailscanner running for a while and haven't work with it for awhile.

Today a customer asked me to reject email for his email address coming from
email that ends in somename at somedomain.xx  where xx is a particular county
he is getting a lot of spam.

Could someone guide me on how to create a ruleset for this request.

David J.

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