Process did not exit cleanly.

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Feb 3 10:19:12 GMT 2011

On 3 February 2011 02:38, Noel Butler <noel.butler at> wrote:
> Glenn,
> This was an advisory only, some months ago, Julian got all that information,
> including specific perl modules used etc and couldnt reproduce it he said.
> No obvious errors appeared in any debugs.  I don't have the time to bother
> any further without a suggestion on a certain direction, and as Julian
> couldn't offer any........
Ok. Well, I did miss this the first time around, and as I've dabbled a
bit in the Postfix part of the code... I tend to get ... "nervous"...
when there are problem reports like this mentioning PF et al:-).
Expecially newer versions than the ones I use...:)

I might still have a window of a few days to work on MailScanner,
before the paying job madness descends on me again, so I will try to
mimic your setup (well, not volume-wise:-) and see how it goes.

-- Glenn
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