(OT)Mailwatch 1.1.1

Han Boetes hboetes at utelisys.com
Wed Dec 7 10:12:15 GMT 2011

It's kind of a shame that I run into an eternal loop and when I searched
on the error message I find a bugfix which was proposed by myself.

Happy searching.

On 12/06/11 22:44, Garrod M. Alwood wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> This is my last email in the MailScanner list about MailWatch, but I wanted to let everyone know that MailWatch 1.1.1 is now released. If you are interested in MailWatch please join the mailing list and I will keep send out emails every time I make a release. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me or join the mailing list and ask the question.
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Met vriendelijke groet,

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