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Mon Dec 5 21:30:25 GMT 2011


All of my code is open and easily read. I have been working on this for patch release for a long time and have had the rights to upload for a while as well. Please feel free to look at the CVS as I have submitted all of the code changes there as well.

Garrod M. Alwood
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Is this a real one or a trojanized version from a hacker ?
I find it a bit curious that after such a long time of silence the mailwatch project suddenly shows signs of life.
Anybody who can confirm the authenticiy of this release ?

Rob Verduijn

2011/12/5 Kai Schaetzl <maillists at<mailto:maillists at>>
Folks, beware! Do not untar in a directory that holds your Mailwatch
installation as "mailwatch"! It untars to "mailwatch" (and not mailwatch-
1.1) thus effectively overwriting your existing installation!

Anyway, thanks for your hard work, Garrod! (next time just tar a directory
named mailwatch-1.x please, instead of renaming the tar.gz file ;-)


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