Tell MailScanner to stop incoming mail

Michael Masse mrm at
Fri Aug 26 22:25:13 IST 2011

I'm having performance issues on one of my incoming email servers, and while I'm trying to figure out the root of that problem I need to be able to tell MailScanner to stop accepting incoming mail so that it can get caught up on the email it has already accepted and queued up.   I have multiple servers running w/ this mx record, so senders should just find a different server to send to automatically if this one stops accepting.    It appears to me that MailScanner starts a secondary sendmail process specifically just for receiving email vs sending, so hopefully there's some sort of startup command that would allow me to not accept new email.    I've tried just blocking port 25 from the outside on this server specifically via iptables, and it does prevent outside systems from sending mail, it also keeps MailScanner from properly processing queued up mail for some reason.      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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