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Martijn mailinglist at
Mon Aug 22 18:15:48 IST 2011

On 22-8-2011 19:00, Octavio wrote:
> Hello
> I have install MailScanner in a debian as always did but now after
> config it gets stuck in a starting loop
> [cut]
> Any idea whats is going on?
> Thanks
> Octavio
I had this too when installing on Ubuntu 10 LTS after following the 
instructions on the site using a older .deb. I have not yet figured out 
what the exact cause is, but others advised me to build MailScanner from 
the latest beta or a newer .deb instead of using the instructions.

You can read more about what others suggested to me here:

See the "Bunch of issues" topics and the replies.

- Martijn

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