CentOS 6 and MailScanner

Jason Ede J.Ede at birchenallhowden.co.uk
Sun Aug 21 18:28:01 IST 2011

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>    Hi List,
>     Has any one successfully installed the rpm version of MailScanner on a
> CentOS 6 machine. I have ran into the same errors as others have posted,
> but being just lightly comfortable with linux I do not want to install a tar on
> an rpm formatted system.
>    I also must note that the installer for clamav-SpamAssassin errors just as
> bad, So if anyone has any idea's or recomendations please let me know.
> Brian.

I added the EPEL repository and use that to keep clam uptodate and to provide most of the requirements for spamassassin... Other than adding the -U for tainting MS works fine on Centos6 with no issues.


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