Issues with MCP

Sergio secmas at
Sun Aug 14 15:42:29 IST 2011

Hi all,
I am new to the list, so, I don't know it my question has been answered

I have an issue using MCP, I have set my MCP rules and are working as I
want, if the emails has a spam value lower than 5 and the MCP score is high
(11 points) the email is discarded and it is not delivered, But if if the
email spam value is over 5 and MCP score is 11, the email is delivered.

My question is, why the email is delivered if MCP is high and the spam value
is over 5?

Is there a way to configure MailScanner to discard any message when MCP is
high regardless of the spam score?

TIA for your kind answers.

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