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Are you doing RBL checks in MS or in SA? If you are doing it in SA, you need to setup TrustPath correctly in SA, see:

Why doesn't SpamAssassin default to not trusting any hosts? Well, trusting too few is in many ways just as bad as trusting too many. Many SpamAssassin rules try to perform checks against the untrusted host that delivered mail to the first trusted server. If there's too few or too many hosts that SA trusts, these tests will be examining the wrong host. Both situations contribute greatly to false negative problems, and to a lesser extent false positive problems

Adding mx.old to the config
In your spamassassin.conf might be what you need!


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No the relay is not whitelisted. As far as I understand, Mailscanner only queries RBLs for the last relay server which in this case is not blacklisted in any RBL.
To clarify my situation I'll try to visualize our current mail flow:

1) Domain.old: Sender -> mx.old -> with Mailscanner
2) Sender -> with Mailscanner

The problem is with part 1) of this setup, because all RBL checks are performed against mx.old which is a "good" server.
I would need a setup where Mailscanner uses "Read IP Address From Received Header = 2" for situation 1) and "Read IP Address From Received Header = no" for situation 2).
I don't know if this is possible so I'm also looking for alternate suggestions.


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Why are the emails from this relay being trusted? Have you whitelisted it or something?


On Thursday, 4 August 2011, Tim Cappell <tc at> wrote:
> We have a Mailscanner setup where some of the mails (from an older domain) are received by a relay (which is not blacklisted). Mailscanner works fine for all the mails we receive directly but RBL checks do not apply to those mails sent via the relay (which is still about 50%). Thus there are a lot of spam mails that get through although the originating mail server is blacklisted.
> Is there a way to apply a method similar to "Read IP Address From Received Header" _only_ to mails where the last hop is that specific relay server?
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> Tim Cappell

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