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Michael Masse mrm at
Mon Apr 25 15:05:08 IST 2011

We are in the process of changing voicemail vendors and this new vendor sends voicemail attachments in .wav format only.   Our old vendor used mp3.    I really don't like the idea of using 10x the disk space for the attachments which people tend to hang on to forever.    Is there some way that MailScanner can call an external program to modify an attachment while it has an email disassembled, and then reassemble the email and foward on?   Specifically I'd like to convert the wav attachments to mp3 via some external program, and then reassemble the email and forward it on so that the user really doesn't know the file is being converted?    I started to look at procmail to see if it could do this, but I don't know how I would get it to reassemble the email back together again.   Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
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