Using a Rule with 'use tnef contents'

martelm at martelm at
Thu Apr 21 00:30:00 IST 2011

On Apr 20, 2011, at 6:08 PM, Steve Freegard <steve.freegard at> wrote:

> Why the ruleset on 'Use TNEF Contents'? - what exactly are you trying to achieve?

I was hoping to use the replace capabilities for two users. Me for testing and one other. This one user sends to a number of people who don't use outlook, and for some reason the email generated by Outlook for Mac 2011 periodically contains winmail.dat attachments for some reason. I don't want to do anything for 99% of the users emails, so hence the rule. 

> If you are running Exchange yourself; then follow the numerous Technet articles to disable Rich Text format messages from leaving your organization and send messages in multipart MIME so that you're compatible with the rest of the internet.   Don't rely on sending all your outbound mail via MailScanner and having it convert the TNEF into MIME for you - it's simply slower and error prone due to the lack of documentation of the TNEF format; it should be 'fixed' at the Exchange end.

I know, but since I only needed to do it for one user, I thought it would be easier to do it on the MailScanner side than affecting all users with the MIcrosoft settings. 


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