Using a Rule with 'use tnef contents'

Michael H. Martel martelm at
Wed Apr 20 18:56:01 IST 2011

Ok, so I'm doing something stupid here and I can't figure it out.  Using 
the latest version of MailScanner on centos.  (Installed from the RPM).

In the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf I have this

Expand TNEF = yes

Then I set the "Use TNEF Contents" to a rule, which I think is done right.

Use TNEF Contents = /opt/VSC-MailScanner/rules/expand-tnef.rules

My rules file looks like this :

From:		michael.martel at		replace
FromOrTo:	default					no

Now, I think it's my rules file that's wrong, because I still see 
winmail.dat files getting through.  I looked in my physical copy of the 
book, but didn't see a section on "Use TNEF contents" (time for a new 

Can anyone point out my very obvious mistake ?




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