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Alessandro Bianchi alex at
Sun Apr 17 19:05:22 IST 2011

Hi everyone

I've been using MS for some time and I thought that rules precedence was 
a clear fact to me.

I've just discovered this is not true.

I'm using a scanDomain.rules files in the following form:

From:    noscan at mydomain    no
From:    foo at foodomain   and To: *@foodomain  no
To:        *@foodomain    yes
Default:     no

It has always worked like a charm, email from noscan at mydomain are not 
processed by MailScanner, but suddenly rule 2 stopped working.

It says "unable to analyze message"

They are sending from address foo at foodomain to addresses in  *@foodomain 
so it seems that the rule "To:        *@foodomain    yes" takes over.

I tried placing the exception before or after the scan domain rule but 
it seems to have no effect at all.

This client is using some sort of automatic processing that sends an 
empty email (no body) with a funny capitalized subject like 
"#FOCUS2106##ASKFILE# A_C_1407.sdr"  and it seems there is no way to 
unlock this emails that the customer badly needs.

I need to bypass MailScanner completely when user foo at foodomain sends 
email to  *@foodomain .

I know thisi is no good for security, but the customer's asks this!

I also tried to set up a header_check rule in postfix to unqueue the 
email with no luck.

I looked in the archives with no luck, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing 
the simple...

In addiction in the last month I am seeing many "Attachment too small" 
errors in the logs but they are not related to the above (they are two 
totally  different problems).

Any idea?

Thank you in advance

Alessandro Bianchi

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