All tags in Mailscanner that have the {***} brackets around them

Philip Parsons pparsons at
Sat Apr 16 16:21:06 IST 2011

Here is a good one that I thought I would pass on to everyone.  3 Different servers and domains 1 exchange 2003, 1 exchange 2007 and 1 exchange 2010.  All set to allow IMAP, with MailScanner on the front of them.

IMAP would just start to hang and not retrieve any messages and no matter what you did it would not pull the messages after some time I noticed that when I cleaned out my inbox it would work for that folder but not the deleted items etc. etc.  SO long story short and a bunch of testing. It seems that IMAP does not like {} brackets.  I removed the {}brackets from all of the tags is Mailscanner.conf on all 3 Mailscanner box's and have not had a problem for the last week.

Thank you.
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