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Stephen Swaney steve at fsl.com
Thu Apr 14 18:24:14 IST 2011

On Apr 14, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Eduardo Casarero wrote:

> Hi, everybody. i am sorry for the OT, but i was wondering if someone can share some backend (MTA) statistics. I need to build a test server to store emails and give imap/pop3 (this is already working), but i need some "real-world" info about email flow to big email servers.
> I have this kind of questions for deployments of servers with more than 1000 users:
> - How many emails are recieved per day or per hour (bussiest hours)?
> - Average Quota?
> ¿Any other relevant data? 
> This is just to get an idea any comment will be appreciated.
> Thanks!
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This is a little like asking “how much is a car?” but below are the numbers I use for a quick preliminary initial estimate for a site.

And my term “Emails” as used below refers to the number of messages that would need to be processed by MailScanner after an agressive rejection policy using DNSBLs at the incoming MTA level.

Users				 1,000
Emails / User			    30
Email / Day			30,000
Emails / Hour			 1,250
Emails / Hour (Peak)		 2,500
Emails / Hour (Off Peak)	   625

And these can vary a LOT depending on the site. But I believe they make a reasonable starting point.,

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