Problem with mail headers?

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at
Thu Apr 14 13:49:13 IST 2011

Hi Scoot,

thanks for your answer. I took some time to try and find some info.
What I could find out is that the sender is mostly exchange v6.5 but I
have some gmail and outlook 11 also. About the type, most of the mails
seem to be multipart/mixed and then they get the header changed to
text/plain or even when they stay like multipart/mixed, is like some of
the parts are missing in the body.
I also found many log entries like this: Message p3D4LOIP025579 is too
big for available disk space in /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming,
skipping it : 316 Time(s)
So I enlarged the tmpfs to try to fix the problem.
I'm trying to get more info, I'll send it asap.

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