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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Mon Apr 4 18:00:23 IST 2011

Hello Luis,

I think this isn't the correct forum for your request... MailScanner as such
doesn't involve itself with the actual mail store system, and hence have no
real notion of quotas...
You'll have to direct your inquiry to the user forum of that system... Be it
cyrus, dovecot, "your MTA" (sendmail, postfix, exim), exchange or whatnot.

-- Glenn

Den 4 apr 2011 13.42, "Luis Silva" <luis.silva at> skrev:


I’m having a problem with the maximum mailbox size.

The mysql users table has the quota defined has int(10) and this doesn’t
 allow me to use 5G of mailbox size.

My question is can I alter the type to bigint and all of the Mailscanner
system still work’s normally? Or are there some issues regarding the data
value change?


Luis Silva

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