Performance issues with MS and SA

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Good point!  We are experiencing high CPU load during the day causing sendmail to defer and eventually reject messages.  The delay before an email increases up to 2 minutes.  Also, internal mail servers are not able to send email since the MX server defers and/or rejects email.  Our CPU load has been increasing over time.  

I have received a few good tips e.g. create our own DCC server, commands for Bayes.

We have plans to dedicate a MX server to outbound mail which should help. 

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Hello Donald

Maybe I'm a big thick headed but I don't see you mention what your performance issue is?

You say you process 150k mails with 4 servers each with 4 cores (that's how I read it anyway)

But what is the problem, are you incoming mail queues too big, or do you expect a quick increase in mail volume in the near future?

Or do you simply want to optimize your setup, and don't have a problem per say?


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