clamd and tnef error?

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Tue Sep 14 14:45:34 IST 2010

On 14/09/10 14:13, Paul wrote:

> I've switched to the internal tnef expander and there are no errors.

Small word of warning on the internal expander; Convert-TNEF hasn't been 
updated in a very long time and I recently had a number of issues on 
multiple sites where it was causing MailScanner to segfault on messages 
generated by recent versions of Exchange.  This was causing MailScanner 
to quarantine loads of messages as 'attempted to kill MailScanner' and 
required a bit of cleanup to correct.

That said - I also had issues with the external expander a long time ago 
which is why I switched to the internal as the preferred method.  But 
the external expander is much more up-to-date and I doubt if these 
problems are still present.

These days 'Expand TNEF = no' is my preferred method and get the 
Exchange server to send messages in MIME format instead of working 
around bad defaults on the Exchange side.


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