Unpack certain zip files

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Will have to update and read the docs then. Jules is a magician *and* a mind reader! :-)

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On 10 September 2010 23:52, Alex Neuman <alex at rtpty.com> wrote:
> He means "delivered unpacked to the end user", doesn't he?

This seems to suggest that these options will do that:
- MailScanner can now *unzip* small zip files and other archives. We
have systems that mail us zipped files automatically, and we wanted to
save the step of unzipping each attachment to get the small log file
inside. This feature is supported by some new configuration settings:
Unzip Maximum Files Per Archive = 4
Unzip Maximum File Size = 50k
Unzip Filenames = *.txt *.ini *.log *.csv
Unzip MimeType = text/plain


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