Getting Spam mails via MailScanner

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Wed Sep 8 12:18:17 IST 2010


> I have installed MailScanner with Sendmail and ClamAV, the setup is 
> working fine, but occasionally some spam passes through the 
> MailScanner/Spamassassin. For e.g. please find
> the below mail received by one of the user and the spamassassin score 
> report, I have kept number 6 as the cut-off for spam. My question is 
> there is a word Viagra in the mail (Subject) then why
> spamassassin is not marking it as spam.

Please dont send spam to the list.

The word Viagra isnt a alias for 100% spam. There is perfectly legitimate 
use for Viagra. If you feel all mail with Viagra in the subject is spam, 
define a spamassassin rule to score that. I dont think its wise however.

Spamassassin isnt a guarantuee no spam will go in anyway, and you are 
welcome on the SA mailinglist to discuss SA behaviour there.


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