MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.81 released

Supun Rathnayake supunr at
Mon Sep 6 15:30:04 IST 2010

On 09/06/2010 06:08 PM, Steve wrote:
> On 6 September 2010 13:17, Mark Chaney<lists at>  wrote:
>>   Looks great! Cant wait to update. Who actually maintains the *.deb for
>> mailscanner? Any idea what the typical turnaround time for the newest stable
>> to be available in those formats? The link to it on the website doesnt work
>> anymore.
> The last .deb was done (for lenny-backports) by Jan Wagner (waja _ at
> _  cyconet _ dot _ org). Once again, this release just missed the
> latest Debian Testing freeze, which means we'll most likely not get it
> in Squeeze proper. :-(

We too are eagerly waiting for the latest .deb package to be used in 
Ubuntu servers,
it would be great if at least someone could have it available under the 
Personal Package archives of Ubuntu

As in debian, the one available in repos are too old.

>> On 09/06/2010 06:21 AM, Jules Field wrote:
>>> Life seems to get ever busier somehow, good thing I don't have a personal
>>> life to speak of, I don't know what I would do then... :-)
> Good for us! :-)
>>> I have just released a new stable release of MailScanner, version 4.81.
Thanks a lot for all the hard work !
> :-D
> Thanks for all the hard work!
> Steve.


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