Betr.: Re: Disable RBL check for certain ip(ranges)

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Mon Sep 6 15:08:25 IST 2010

>>> Op 6-9-2010 om 15:25 is door Raymond Dijkxhoorn <raymond at>
> Hi!
>>> As for everyone else's questions, which I could have thought of before hand 
>>> if it wasn't Monday ;)
>>> I'm running MS on a Fedora system with postfix as MTA.
>>> Spamassassin does the RBL checks. Right now this is version 3.2.5 but once 
>>> I have the MS Jules just released working in a test i'll upgrade that to 
>>> 3.3.1.
>>>> From what I can tell hotmail is listed on backscatter and SORBS
>> Before using a WL which opens a whole new can of worms, I'd lower the score 
>> on SORBS and ditch backscaterrer which can hardly be considered as a 
>> trustworthy BL.
> Agreed. But using a WL solution might also be handy for people who reject 
> on MTA. But indeed lowering SORBS scoring is a good start.
> Bye,
> Raymond.

I would not have a problem with negative score whitelist if every legitimate hotmail / gmail server was only sending out legitimate e-mails, but unfortunately some people manage to send spam through the actual hotmail / gmail servers.
Backscatter is indeed getting annoying but im having trouble finding where this is configured.
Other then that I have very few false positives, not enough for me to warrant messing with the sorbs score. Only real issue i'm having is hotmail getting blocked.


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