MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.81 released

Mark Chaney lists at
Mon Sep 6 13:17:44 IST 2010

  Looks great! Cant wait to update. Who actually maintains the *.deb for 
mailscanner? Any idea what the typical turnaround time for the newest 
stable to be available in those formats? The link to it on the website 
doesnt work anymore.


On 09/06/2010 06:21 AM, Jules Field wrote:
>  Morning all, long time no speak!
> Life seems to get ever busier somehow, good thing I don't have a 
> personal life to speak of, I don't know what I would do then... :-)
> I have just released a new stable release of MailScanner, version 4.81.
> Download as usual from
> The ChangeLog for this version is as follows:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> 1 Slight improvement to check_mailscanner script to send some output to
>   /dev/null for Greg Kuhnert.
> 2 "Scan Messages = virus" will *only* scan mail for viruses and nothing
>   else at all. This makes simple setups where you only want virus 
> scanning
>   a whole lot easier to set up.
> 3 Changed non-RPM installer to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh to avoid
>   issues on Solaris 10 systems. Sorry non-bash people :-(
> 3 Added new "_HOUR_" token to path available in quarantine and Archive 
> Mail
>   directory locations in MailScanner.conf. Represents the number of 
> the hour
>   in which MailScanner received the message, padded with a leading 
> zero if
>   necessary.
> * Fixes *
> 1 Deny File MIME Types was ignored if new filetype rules used MIME 
> checks.
> 2 Slightly improvement to phishing trap to handle links with " in them.
> 2 Worked around nasty behaviour of Perl's "each()". Thanks Timofey!
> 2-2 Fixed syntax error.
> 2-3 Fixed syntax issue and printing bug with "--lint".
> 4 Fixed docx file permissions problem (thanks to Andrew White!).
> Jules

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