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Wed Sep 1 16:54:53 IST 2010

Well, If I had read the configfile precisely i would have know that :-P
Next time I will copy the /etc/MailScanner directory first. It makes things a lot easier....

 Thanks for your help

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Marco Rebsamen wrote:
> Hi Kevin
> So you say everything I need is in /etc/mail/spamassassin ? Also the
> things I teached it with sa-learn ? 

Mostly.  Since you're using MailScanner, I presume you also have a bayes database where the spamassassin data is stored.  Per recommended practice, I keep mine in /etc/MailScanner/bayes/ so, as I mentioned below, if you copy over your entire /etc/MailScanner directory before installing (in addition to the /etc/mail/spamassassin directory) the bayes data will come with it.  If your bayes data is located in another location, such as /var/spool/bayes or somewhere like that you'll need to copy that over.

Look in your existing file (aka spam.assassin.prefs.conf) and search for bayes_path.  That will tell you where you're storing your bayes (spamassassin data) database.  Be sure to copy it over as well.

Note that I'm using sendmail, hence the /etc/mail directory.  SUSE now defaults to Postfix, so I'm not sure what the directory structure looks like for that.  I'd expect however that the spamassassin directory will be located under whatever it uses in the /etc/ directory.  Perhaps a Postfix user could chime in here if it is much different.

> Greets Marco
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> Hi Marco,
> You shouldn't have to move anything, unless you've created your own
> rules, or are using 3rd party rules such as the KAM ruleset.  Your
> local spamassassin files normally live in /etc/mail/spamassassin. 
> Check there - anything that isn't part of the stock installation will
> (should) be there and can be copied over.    
> When I'm building a new MailScanner gateway I generally copy the
> existing /etc/MailScanner and /etc/mail/spamassassin directory over
> to the new machine.  Then I install Jules' ClamAV & Spamassassin
> combo package.  That makes upgrading easier as he's more consistant
> to release an install package when a newer version comes out than
> openSUSE is.  If you don't have any home rolled rules in the
> spamassasin directory you probably don't need to copy it.      
> Next I install the latest MailScanner package for SUSE.  The
> advantage of copying the files over first before the install is the
> install routine will see the old .conf files, and use them.  If there
> are changes you'll get the .rpmnew files created.  Makes editing the
> .conf files much easier.  The install routine will create the
> appropriate hooks to spamassassin     
> Spamassassin itself will be installed in
> /var/lib/spamassassin/X.00Y00Z where XYZ is the version numbers.  You
> shouldn't need to do anything with that.  
> Be sure to run sa-update after you install spamassassin so that it
> pulls down the rules.  They aren't installed by default IIRC. 

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