getting to the text part of a "From:"

Dean Guenther guenther at
Fri Oct 29 22:04:16 IST 2010

I'm interested in using spam.blacklist.rules for marking as spam mail that
has the text part of a From statement that meets criteria. I've poked
around the FAQ and trying other searches but I can't find the info I'm
looking for.

So far, everything in the spam.blacklist.rules works, but it only filters
out on username at domain addresses. More specifically if I have

     From: "Credit Check" <info at>

Whatever I have in spam.blacklist.rules only is applied to
"info at". What I tried in my spam.blacklist.rules is:

     From: /Credit.*?Check/  yes

But that gets ignored. Or even simply

     From: /Credit/  yes

is ignored. Is it possible to coax spam.blacklist.rules to scan the whole
line? If not, how else can I get to check the rest of the From statement?

thanks -- Dean Guenther

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