MailScanner not invoking spamassassin

Johnson, SE sjohnson at
Thu Oct 28 19:40:33 IST 2010

Well, not invoking may be the wrong term here but...

I have a current mail server (postfix/amavisd/MailScanner/ClamAV) that I
installed about 4 years ago that I'm moving to a new box and dropping
amavisd out of the mix as it appears to be redundant.

The install is Fedora Core 13 along with the clam, postfix, MailScanner,
and Spamassassin RPMS. THe configuration is set up to except, scan and
forward the email through to my mail server.  This is tested and all
works.  Use Spamassassin is turned on in the MailScanner.conf file.

So I decided to test the filtering to make sure that was working.

To test, I telnetted to port 25 and in the data field I type the name of
the tiny blue pill "v****a" three times then sent the message on.  

I was expecting this message to get denied but to my amazement it was
forwarded through to my internal mail server.

In checking the logs I didn't see any reference to Spamassassin.

I turned on the debug logging in MailScanner and tried the same test
again.  This time I did see one message
"SpamAssassin cache hit for message ..." which I assume it was because
the two messages were identical.

I went through the spam.assassin.prefs.conf file and made sure all the
directories referenced did exist and had the expected files in them.

I assume that since I saw that line that at least part of spamassassin
is being called.  Question is, why is it not checking content?  Oh.  In
amavisd, the spamassassin tests that were applied to an incoming message
were logged in the maillog; I do not see any log entries of this type so
I'm thinking that the content checks are not being run.

Any ideas on what I can check or how I can troubleshoot this further?


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