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Rose, Bobby brose at med.wayne.edu
Thu Oct 21 17:42:52 IST 2010

Is Mailwatch development dead?  I recently upgraded one of my Centos 5.5 mailscanner servers (I have a pair) and now I seem to have a mailwatch issue with the quarantine release or viewmail when the message isn't quarantined locally.

The message on the mailwatch page is XML-RPC Error: Parameter type NULL mismatch expected type.  I'm guessing something changed with the php-xmlrpc that isn't backward compatible.

php-xmlrpc version is 5.1.6-27
php is 5.1.6
mailwatch is 1.04

I know that back in 2008 there was a v2 of mailwatch being worked on but never heard anything more on it past its initial alpha 1 release.

Has anyone else have a distributed setup and run into this error?  If you are running Mailwatch , then what version of php/php-xmlrpc are you successfully running at?

Bobby Rose
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