milter headres leads to "Loop condition"

Viktor Matys v.matys at
Fri Oct 15 19:40:03 IST 2010


I have problem with milters clamav and spamd. Both when adds their 
headers in checked e-mail cause an error message in mail.log:

p record handling: Loop condition found, aborting file.

I use postfix, so the queue files rest in hold queue directory. 
MailScanner tries to read it again and produces the same situation 
again. So mail.log is full of previously mentioned messages. I have to 
delete those messages by myself...

ClamAV milter causes it always. So I disabled to add headers in e-mail 
to ClamAV milter.

SpamD milter causes it ramdomly. There is impossibile to disable adding 
headers - it would lead to disfunctioning of the milter.

I have MailScanner ver.  4.74 on Debian Lenny. I found the error message 
in file This error message appears 4 times in this file. The 
mentioned one is the second appearance.

Three examples of blocking queue files you can see here:

Would somebody help?

Thanks Viktor Matys

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