Just my meager contribution

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Oct 14 15:41:46 IST 2010

  I don't get to contribute much, so when I can, I try and offer what I 
think is correct.

I run some older Centos 3 mail servers that were running older versions 
of MS. I began upgrading today and found a few problems, and did the 
best I could to fix them as I went. The last time I upgraded, I ran into 
problems with MimeDefang, so I upgrade only when I have time to devote 
to fixing the problems I see.

Here's what happened today. I hope it helps others who might be running 
dinosauric OSs.

I firstly upgraded Clam from rpmforge. All went well.

Next I tried upgrading MailScanner with the install.sh script. I usually 
get quite a few errors during this step, but MS will almost always 
start. This time it didn't. The problem turned out to be perl-DBI and 
perl-DBD-SQLite. The problems showed up firstly by MS not starting and 
secondly using "MailScanner --lint".

The first problem showed up by saying MS couldn't use the SpamAssassin 
cache. The quick fix was to indicate in the conf file:
Cache SpamAssassin Results = no

The second problem showed up by saying MS couldn't use the 
Processing.db. Here the quick fix was to indicate in the conf file:
Maximum Processing Attempts = 0

So now I reviewed the versions of these RPMs included in the MS 
installation package and find that rpmforge has those available. I 
installed the two RPMs using yum and turned back on the two options in 
MS and all seemed OK as far as MS goes.

Apparently, when using the vanilla (no options) install shell, these 
RPMs are removed, so "install", not "update" is needed. I seem to recall 
there are other options other than "nodeps" and "fast" for the 
install.sh that will not remove the old RPMs.

I did not upgrade SA.

Hope this helps. If anyone knows of something wrong I described here, 
I'd hope you speak up.  It's probably either common knowledge or useless 
info for most of you all, but if it helps someone......

Steve Campbell

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