Problems getting relay country to work

John Wilcock john at
Fri Oct 8 10:17:46 IST 2010

Le 08/10/2010 10:08, Arjan Melein a écrit :
> I'm trying to get the relay country plugin to work so I can start picking off whole countries but for some reason I cannot seem to get it to actually put the header.
> I put the custom rules/score in as well as 'add_header all Relay-Country _RELAYCOUNTRY_' but that doesn't seem to do anything.
> I also tried putting the add_header line in below the clear_headers but that didn't work either.
> What am I forgetting ? The spamassassin install is the latest one from the MS website.

Have you uncommented the loadplugin line in your spamassassin init.pre file?

As others have pointed out, add_header lines with MailScanner have no 
effect. The X-Relay-Countries pseudo-header only lasts for the duration 
of the spamassassin scan.

Try a test rule with your own country's code, and/or with US, either of 
which are pretty much guaranteed to trigger fairly often:
header T_RELAY_FRANCE X-Relay-Countries =~ /FR/


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