soft links for incoming and quarantine directory

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Wed Oct 6 08:45:06 IST 2010

On 5 October 2010 16:58, matteo filippetto <matteo.filippetto at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I read in the MailScanner.conf file that it is not possible to set
> soft links for
> Incoming Work Dir
> Quarantine Dir
> but....I set a soft link in those directives and so in the log I get
> "Your "Incoming Work Directory" should be specified as an absolute
> path, not including any links. But I will work okay anyway"
> Mailscanner is working ok. Now the questions are: what problems could
> I have with this configuration?
> What problems could rise with soft links?

MailScanner itself will likely have no problem at all, the
recommendation stem from some antivirus scanners having ... severe...
problems (at least historically) with handling symlinked
directories... Notably McAfee has had problems in this regard.

So ... thats the "root cause" of that informational message. It is
easily solved, by explicitly specifying whatever directory you have
'em symlinked to...! So as to avoid the message (and any _possible_

> Best regards.
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> Matteo Filippetto

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