just seems to be A-holes

Steve Campbell campbell at
Fri Oct 1 16:18:29 IST 2010

  It's OT, but I've been fighting this one on and off for a while. Time 
to vent. keeps tempfailing our servers with a 452.4.1.0. All the 
research and all the efforts to contact them seems to be useless. I've 
blocked outgoing to from our most commonly used server to 
charter, but still get that stupid "exceeded limit" return code.

If any of you all are customers, do us all a favor and 
notify someone there that they're blocking valid emails being sent from 
websites to their own accounts with really stupid rules. The rules they 
use for resetting limits never reset themselves.

None of their email addresses for reporting this seems to be open, and 
I'm tired of answering the same question over and over again about why 
charter thinks 6 emails a week is too much.

There, I feel better now.

Steve Campbell

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